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As a Coaching Psychologist, I use a unique blend of transformational coaching, psychotherapy, psychology, and neuroscience to work with you to discover the very best version of yourself. Guiding you, through curiosity and intuitive awareness, we will create a space to unlock boundless potential beyond your expectations.

By understanding the elements which drive our behaviour, emotions, and thinking, I connect creatively with my clients, incorporating a spiritual, yet grounded, energetic level of mindset and insight.


My clients are from all corners of the globe, they are committed to personal growth and development; dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. Whether the goal is to make more money, expand a business, work more efficiently, find a work-life balance, or break out of old ways of thinking which are holding you back, I can help and support you on that journey... and we don't need to climb any mountains unless they're metaphorical!


Sat on the Rocks

I can support you as you travel on your spiritual journey, helping navigate through blockages and move towards a deeper connection with the world. Embracing the divine feminine and masculine aspects of our inner self, we can journey together on the path of inner peace and connectivity.

I also support survivors of physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse in a religious or organisational setting. Using a unique blend of coaching and psychotherapy, I will provide a sacred, safe space for deep healing. Please get in touch for more information.

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