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Video Editing Timeline


I previously worked for over 25 years in television broadcasting, primarily as a Film Editor at the BBC, specialising in editing current affairs and documentaries for award-winning programmes.

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My practice is disability-friendly, Neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ inclusive. 

I am committed to working with people whose native language is not English.



My practice takes an holistic approach, working with body, mind, and spirit, drawing on my interests in philosophy, spirituality, and psychology.

Music Notes


My passion is music and I play several musical instruments including classical guitar, violin, bass guitar, and ukulele.

I love singing choral music and have sung many beautiful baroque and classical works with a number of choirs.




As a qualified Rescue Worker, I was a member of the former International Rescue Corps, a UN registered volunteer urban rescue team based in the UK.

Former Operational member, Training Officer and National Council member.

Carpenter at Work

And when I'm not too
busy doing all of that...

I am a keen carpenter and enjoy designing and building furniture.

I love art, architecture, and philosophy.

I am currently learning Swedish.

Professional & Ethical

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Find out more about my professional and ethical affiliations.

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